„Artificial Intelligence is the New Electricity“

Andrew Ng

Let's electrify the Czech Republic - again


We are a non-profit organization associating everyone who is interested in artificial intelligence (AI) from the perspective of its practical application; or from the perspective of fundamental research of algorithms and approaches. We try to make a connection among them in order to allow their cooperation and knowledge sharing leading to progress of AI development in the Czech Republic and making our country a competitive player in this field. To achieve this goal we support conferences, meetups and other ways of knowledge sharing among professionals and enthusiasts; creating courses and try to promote AI field on various levels.

Czech AI was established by a group of enthusiasts working in various AI fields who were missing a simple way of making a connection with other people interested or working in AI.

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The goal of the Czech Society for Artificial Intelligence is to spread the awareness of AI and its state-of-the-art among public and make a space for collaboration and knowledge sharing in the field of AI in the Czech Republic. To achieve this, we support education, local meetups, and collaborate with other national and foreign initiatives. We hope this will help us to make the Czech Republic an important player in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

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Czech Society for Artificial Intelligence
Hněvkovského 65
617 00 Brno

Contact persons:
Dr. Pavel Dvořák

Dr. Jakub Valčík